Treasure #BlackHistoryMonthUK | Bonus Post


It’s October, it’s a busy time πŸ˜‚ and even more exciting, it’s Black History Month! I was thinking of how to mark this on my blog in a way that is related to the purpose of this platform. Therefore I put together some thoughts in relation to the experiences of others and myself when it comes to praising strengths and characteristics, acknowledging difficulties and speaking into the future of the black community. I hope you enjoy this piece.

Our skin is smooth like chocolate and caramel, and has the aroma of Cocoa, Coconut and Shea Butter.

Our hair gravity defying and full. Coily and kinky. Diverse and fun. We can rock 3-4 different hairstyles a week if we wanted to.

Our lips are big and full with words of life and abundance.

Hips wide. Smile – bright. We come in many beautiful shapes and sizes.

Expression to us involves our whole body. When we laugh, our whole frame goes with us. We clap, we stamp, we run. We throw our heads back in joy and laughter.

We dance to the beat of life. Drums are our soundtrack. We can make rhythms from thin air and translate them into greetings to fellow brothers and sisters.

Our music is full of the intricate and the harmonious – carefully crafted words, running vocal ranges and playful note combinations distinguish our sound from others.

Our bodies are canvases for the gorgeous and the bold. Kente, Ankara and bright block colours are our muse. Braids, wigs, weaves and dyes give us unlimited ways to be creative and enhance our richness in personality.

God is our source. He created us specially this way for a reason. We are a beautiful piece of the puzzle known as creation.

But society and media tend to tell us we don’t fit the norm. The way we are created is lesser.

Our shape isn’t the standard. Our melanin isn’t the standard. Our hair is too different to comprehend, so it must be controlled and manipulated to fit standard understanding. The curls, coils, kinks and waves aren’t acceptable and in some cases, we may be sent home from school or rejected a job opportunity because of the natural growth from our scalp.

Our names are “weird” and unpronounceable, yet most people will try and try again until they can say “Tchaikovsky” successfully.

Our accents are “too fresh off the boat”. They are too difficult to understand.

Our people are unprofessional and aggressive. We don’t work with each other or support one another.

Our woman are angry and have attitudes.

Our men are never there as fathers and aren’t faithful.

Our melanin is threatening. So much so some of us are watched and followed around shops.

Our features are coveted but our being is rejected. Our lives don’t matter.

But no matter what society and the media try to hit us with, we will look in the mirror and say: I matter and I hold treasure to love, and life.

We will look at our brothers and say: You matter and you hold treasure to love, and life.

We will look at my sisters and say: You matter and you hold treasure to love, and life.

The next generation will know they are worthy. The next generation will be proud of their various heritages, stare society straight in the face and scream with all the joy in the world:


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Photos credits:Β Autumn Goodman,Β Loise Ambursley, Park Street, Marquise Kamanke, Leighann Renee and Frank MckennaΒ 

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