Finding Your Voice (Again)


Voice – express (something) in words.

My life journey since 18th June 2018 has been an interesting one. During my blogging break I’ve been working, resting, trying to motivate myself to go to the gym often, eating great food, visiting family and mourning loved ones amongst other things. Looking back now, I wish I kept a note of everything that happened because I must say life at times got overwhelming and writing is a good outlet! Some of the thing that have happened over this time shook me to the core and I began to lose one of the very things precious to me: my voice.

For some months I was running on auto-pilot and didn’t believe in my ability to share my wants, concerns and dreams as confidently as I had before. I sunk into myself and actually got to the point where I thought there was no point of me expressing myself at times because:

  1. I would be a burden to the listener;
  2. I was “complaining” too much;
  3. I thought no-one cared enough to hear what I had to say.

In essence, I believed my points and my feelings were not valid. It’s funny how powerful the mind can be…

In hindsight, I sought and heavily relied on justification from others, making sure that what I was doing was ok in their eyes instead of being confident in my own decision-making skills and abilities. In doing so and by not expressing myself, I was blind to the effect this was having on myself, others and my faith. I knew something had to change… but I was stuck!

I started resurfacing back between February & April after a one-on-one coaching session with a lovely lady (you know who you are) when through questioning I came to the realisation of why I had lost my voice and my confidence – in a nutshell the emotionally and spiritually tough time I had experience over many months had really knocked me off my feet. Once that revelation occurred, she then handed me tools that would aid me in rebuilding confidence, expressing myself and using my voice to empower others. Then began the journey to getting my voice back!

I’ve been reminded through the above, this video featuring Alex Beresford, this one featuring Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Kenny Leonard and Jenn Johnson, and other situations that our voices (our expressions) are important. Our voices can shift atmospheres. Our voices can steer conversations in a completely different way. I am the only one with MY voice. You are the only one with YOUR voice. People can imitate our expressions as much as they like but it will never be theirs! And our expression, alone and combined with others, can break down walls of division, change situations and change negative mindsets.

For some of us, we’re truly finding confidence in our voice for the first time, but for others like me, we’ve had to find it again. How freeing it is when we begin to! I don’t believe that I’m completely there yet and as I go through life my voice and expression will slightly alter and become more refined. Yours will too!

Thanks for reading my first post back after 15 months and 4 days (yipee!). My prayer for you is that you are able to find your voice. I pray that you are able to steward it properly, making sure you are affirming yourself that your voice is valid and is positively world changing. Read and listen to books, videos, podcasts and music that will boost your confidence and don’t trust the lie that your voice is not required/not valid. Your voice is unique. Your voice can bring change. Your voice is YOURS!

I’ve created a phone and desktop wallpaper for these affirmations that you can download and look at during the weeks and months to come. I hope it encourages you to encourage yourself!

Photos credits: Kilarov Zaneit, Luis Galvez, Jordan Whitfield and Tyler Nix

8 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice (Again)”

  1. Loved this post Natalie! Great to hear your voice through your writing. You are such a powerful and inspiring woman of God. Go conquer & pursue and Inspire ❀️

  2. What a beautiful post and such vulnerability. It’s so important to be real and so glad that you are, as that’s what helps others up. I was encouraged and touched by your words. Keep speaking even if your voice shakes! Congratulations on getting back up and running. Praying for you πŸ’•

    1. Thank you so much my lovely! Your encouragement means a lot! 😊

      “Keep speaking even if your voice shakes!” – WHAT A WORD! I hope everyone who scrolls down sees this!

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