I had a prayer room slot booked on my retreat day and due to the nature of my weekend and needing to put my hair back into extensions, I woke up earlier than usual to wash my hair. Due to tiredness, I looked for clothes to wear that didn’t need ironing but found my trousers of choice had a few creases in it as well as one of my tops. Not too fussed I thought “These are fine. They’ll do”, but then felt a nudge to iron them. I went on to debate whether I should or not and sensed the following from the Lord:

“I don’t want your drags – the stuff you can’t be bothered with. Iron your clothes as if you were going to see a family member.”

Hopefully, you can relate but my family is BIG on ironing. I wouldn’t DARE to go and see an older family member without ironing my clothes. It’s seen as part of the way we carry ourselves. It’s all good and well if you iron and along the journey there are creases but to not iron at all???? EISH! There will be thunder 😂. So for my session with God in the prayer room, I ironed my clothes as if I was going to see a family member.

Which areas of your life are receiving your drags? In some situations, who can you not be bothered with? Are there places/priorities you know you should be giving your all in that you’re currently not?

I would encourage you to write stuff down, take a step back and analyse where you are right now. Identify those areas in your life that are not receiving the good things they deserve and make a CONSCIOUS effort to put it right. It’s time to stop putting important things on the back burner.

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Photos credits: Andy T, Jon Tyson, Michèle Eckert

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