2020 | Saying No to Say Yes

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It’s a new year and I’m sure that some have sorted out New Year Resolutions. Some of us may want to be healthier this year. Some of us want to be more organised. Others may just want 2020 to be a better year that 2019.

Whilst there are some elements in our lives that are beyond our control, there are others areas we can directly effect. When we make aims/ goals/ resolutions, whatever you call it, we must realise that as we say yes to these area, we say no to others.

Let me give you a couple of personal examples. As some of you know I have taken a break from Social Media for the month of January, and I’ve done this because I am saying NO to distractions and YES to productivity and being present in life. In my most recent YouTube video, I spoke about my sweet tooth getting sweeter and with that bringing the feeling of being unhealthy. As a result I am MASSIVELY cutting down my sugar intake for this month (I will be having cake for my birthday), saying NO to oh-too-regular sweet goodness and saying YES to sweeter health. In short, making plans and goals cost something. Whether it’s time, money, energy, fleshly desires, when you say yes to one thing there is something you say no to.

What are your goals for the next month, next year, 5 years? What does that look like in practice? What thought patterns or activities must you say no to in order to fully reach your potential? Will you say YES to joy and no to letting a bad situation rule over your life?

If you’re planning to save up to buy a new quality coat, you may need to save and buy two less coffees a week. You might want to get your fitness game on point – that could mean planning your sleep better so you can get up early 3 days a week to finally follow that fitness workout you’ve been sitting on. Maybe you want to increase your knowledge base about a specific area. It might be time to take up a free course on a site like Skillshare (not sponsored) and sacrifice watching your favourite YouTube videos or programs on Netflix/ Disney+.

As you move forward in planning 2020, take this into consideration. Identify the scenarios, lack of skills, personal tendencies that can distract and stop you from pursuing your created or a better 2020 and say NO to them. Put them down and pick up a more positive mindset, a new skill, etc.

I’ll leave you with a song that motivates and encourages me to do the things I set out to do. Enjoy and let me know in the comments what your New Years goals are! P.s it is PERFECTLY fine if they are not new goals but an extension of (or evening being consistent in) a previous one.

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Photos credits: Andy T, Jon Tyson, Michèle Eckert

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