Seasons Change. Let them.


Before we start with this post, thank you to everyone who reached out to me to find out how I was doing after my “no blog post because I’m poorly” IG Story. I’m much better now and I think it was a stomach bug/some dodgy food. Anyway, let’s get on with this week’s post shall we?

Look at this mid laugh shot…

As I stare at this, I see the joy of summer. Gosh I miss the heat! I miss leaving my house with no coat. I miss the warmth of the sun, the long, bright days and being able to wear my African prints on a nearly daily basis if I wanted to. I reminisce on the beauty of summer.

I’m not too much of a fan of Winter – the shorter days, longer periods of darkness, the cold weather. One would think that living in the UK all of my life I would get used to this right? Especially being born in a winter month. NOPE!




Take me back to when my arms were out and my skin could absorb max Vitamin D!

I found it very interesting recently though that as I kept thinking about Summer, and how much I missed it, I began to resent Winter. BUT I MUST SAY Winter is not all bad. Yes the weather is cold, but it does give rise to more hot chocolate, cosy jumpers and warm socks with ankle boots.

It may be cold but if it snows, it’s pretty (for the first day). It may get darker sooner but it means you get to bask in the beauty of Christmas lights for longer. I say everything to say this:

Don’t let the glory of your last season rob you from enjoying your current one.

It’s so easy to look at where you are now and reach back for what has gone, but if we look back we won’t see the beauty of what’s ahead of us. Don’t let neglect your current season by focusing on the last one. Seasons change. Let them change and embrace the change.

Thank you to EVERYBODY who has been reading the blog, interacting with posts here and on social media. Your feedback and interaction means a lot, far more than you know! If you find any of these posts helpful in any way, please drop me a message below and also share with a friend. Have a great week and HAPPY DECEMBER! Let’s make the last month of 2019 count!

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Photos credits:Β Jess Bevan

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