“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” 
― Steve Maraboli

Letting go, depending on what you are letting go of, is not an easy task. Whether it’s past failures, fears, friendships or that ex, as the quote says above “unless you let go… you cannot move forward”.

One thing I notice people hold onto a lot is fear. I remember seeing this acroymn for fear: “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Two other acronyms for fear are:

  • Forget Everything And Run
  • Face Everything and Rise

In my sight, I see a picture very similar to that of the above: storm that is brewing. A big storm. The clouds are dark and intimidating, swelling with rain. Winds howling, and suddenly fear about what the storm will do sets in. There are two choices:

‘Forget Everything And Run’: Start walking back slowly, drop your bag, and run as fast as you can away from the storm. Or you can ‘Face Everything And Rise’.

Either way one thing remains the same: unless you are Speedy Gonzalez, the storm will catch up with you. The difference is your approach. Will you run away whilst you get drenched with rain, injured by hailstones and maybe even narrowly hit by lightening, or will you face it head on, endure the pain with wisdom and come out of it the other side?

The thing about facing a storm head on is that you can somehow prepare for the blow to be weaker. By deciding to walk forward and making a decision not to KEEP walking no matter what life throws at you and anticipating the possible blows, you discover that they aren’t as painful as you thought because you were mentally prepared.

This reminds me of “Marked” by Mike Todd where he talks about the painful impact of hit that you don’t see coming. However if you know where the hit is coming from, or even a simple route through the storm, you can be prepared. I’d encourage you to watch from 12:28 until 15:30 for the sake of this illustration. Watch the whole video as well if you please. There’s also an extension of this series as well which you can find here.

Life is full of choices and today I encourage you to make the choice to move past fear and embrace the storm so you can make it through to the other side. Anticipate possible hits such as dealing with pain, being emotionally and mentally drained, and keep walking.

Don’t do this on your own. Make sure that you have wise people you can count on who you can be open with and can hold you up when the storm seems like it’s becoming too strong.

I really pray that you have found this helpful. Pushing through fear with wisdom will build your strength. You got this. I believe in you.

Photos credits: Luka Vovk

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